Residential Service
The communities we service are unique and our neighborhoods deserve the best. Tidy’s Beautiful Bins provides an easy and cost-effective way to protecting a community’s health and eliminating foul odors, reducing unwanted pests that can carry diseases from residential areas. This is why we offer services for homeowners in residential areas and HOA’s. Your trash cans are cleaned and sanitized the same day as your regularly scheduled trash pick-up, leaving you clean and odorless cans.

Services are delivered directly to your location and scheduled right after the trash pick-up in your neighborhood so as to ensure only sanitized bins are left behind.

Tidy’s Sanitation Services – How it all works!

  • We are proud to say our services:
  • • Eliminate 99% of all harmful bacteria
  • • Are 100% Chemical Free (High-Temperature Hot Water Pressure Cleaning System)
  • • Are Eco-friendly wastewater recycling

Tidy’s works in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner!

Tidy’ systems can clean the filthiest of trash cans with a first time cleaning in an average of 30 seconds. We can clean cans in an average of 7 seconds and with less than 1 gallon of water. And also of note, our process reclaims the dirty water, saving massive amounts of precious water from the process!

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